The Art of Nature

These galleries present images from my explorations of nature with cameras and microscope. For me, they celebrate the remarkable beauty and diversity of living organisms.


Butterflies of the Sea

Nudibranchs are shell-less relatives of marine snails, but their striking colors and beautiful forms are often more reminiscent of butterflies than gastropods.

Green Sea Urchin Surface

Beauty Is Skin Deep

On a super-macro scale, the surfaces of sea stars and other echinoderms present a stunning array of form and color.


Faces In Nature

It's a natural human trait to be captivated by the faces of other animals. In this gallery, I've explored the colorful and dramatic world of animal faces.

Octopus Eye

Eyes In Nature

For several years I have been captivated by eyes, and by questions like 'how did eyes evolve?' and 'what do animals really see?' These photos reflect my quest to follow these questions.



Early in my photography career, I joined friend and mentor, Bruce J. Russell, to make films about crystals. Included here are some of our collaborative images showing spectacular crystals as seen with the microscope.

Pelagic Cormorant

Feathers and Fur

Some of the wonderful opportunities I have had to witness wildlife in nature are presented here in these biology art prints of birds and mammals