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Secrets of Digital Nature Photography Mini-Courses
With David Denning

Vole in the Queen Charlotte Islands

Sunset in Baja California with Great Blue Heron

Level 2G - Lighting and Composition Workshop
A one-day (6-hour) hands-on workshop
$120 - Minimum 3 Participants, Maxmum 4

Course Dates: May 22

Level 2: Lighting and Composition. For those who are comfortable with photographic exposure/composition basics and have a reasonable working knowledge of the features of your camera, this course offers opportunities to do in-depth exploration of special nature photography techniques for lighting and creating interesting composition. We will look at a number of natural objects and phenomena and develop/practice different creative techniques to photograph them. A tripod is necessary, although a borrowed one will do fine.

Level 2CU - Focus on Close-Up and Macro
A one-day (6-hour) hands-on workshop
$120 - Minimum 3 Participants, Maxmum 4

Course Dates: June 20

Level 2: Closeup Photography: A course for intermediate to advanced photographers reasonably comfortable with their digital cameras and with the principles of exposure and light control. This course will explore detailed techniques of closeup and moderate macro- photography, emphasizing techniques for photographing animals, flowers, mushrooms and other detailed subjects. We will look at focusing and lighting techniques, how to position and hold the camera or subject, techniques for working with moving subjects, close-up flash, and other topics.

Table of Spring 2010 Mini-Courses

Orange flower from our yard on Salt Spring

Rufous hummingbird female on nest with two young

Phone or email to register or for more details: 250-537-0664, ddenning (at) telus.net